Credit:  Al Jazeera

Credit: Al Jazeera

Yesterday’s newspaper reported horrific news from Peshawar, Pakistan. The Pakistani Taliban had already bombed or burned over 1,000 schools. Then they shot Malala Yousafzai, the teenage advocate for girls’ rights and 2014 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

“But on Tuesday, the Taliban took their war on education to a ruthless new low, with a concerted assault on a crowded school in Peshawar that killed 145 people — 132 of them uniformed schoolchildren [ages 5-17] — in the deadliest single attack in the group’s history.” (New York Times:

The lives of parents and other family members of the children in Pakistan, like those of the children in Newtown, Conn., will never be the same. Lord, have mercy!

On another note about children, many of you have asked about three little ones I’ve mentioned in Perspectives articles, asking for prayer in their behalf. These are the premature triplets born to my nephew Doug and his wife Diana Wheaton’s daughter last Christmas, December 25, 2013. So they are my sister Carol’s great grandchildren, my mother Elda’s great great grandchildren and Terry’s and my great grandnephew/nieces. Each weighed one pound and a few ounces.

Logan went to heaven on December 26, 2013, one day after his birth. He was laid to rest in a family graveside burial service shortly thereafter.

Here’s the latest update on Anna Christine and Emma Grace from their mother, Amanda Collins:

“Emma and Anna both weigh over 15 lbs. now. Anna cut her first two teeth this week and began crawling some today! Anna has had two surgeries, both after her four month stay in NICU. Anna’s first word was “Anna.” She has reflux disease but is otherwise perfectly fine, a true miracle for a baby born in the 24th week of pregnancy.”

“Emma has had four laser eye surgeries, eye injections, two scleral buckle operations, a vetrectomy on her right eye, a nissen, g-tube, and tracheostomy. Emma will be getting glasses tomorrow, passed her swallow study today so she can start learning to bottle feed again, and is making huge strides in catching up developmentally. She is scheduled to come home on a ventilator Thursday morning. Emma has been in four different hospitals and has been hospitalized almost a year. She loves music.”

“Both girls are extremely happy and playful. We appreciate everyone’s continued prayers.”

Thank you for your prayers and concerns, dear friends in Christ. God is faithful, enabling this family to live through a frightening and exhausting year. Christmas will always have a very special meaning to Amanda, her husband Jesse and the rest of the family who still mourn Logan’s passing, while being truly thankful for Anna and Emma’s progress and development.

Advent blessings to each of you!