Health Care Providers

Doctor VisitThat topic is on mind quite a bit these days. Here’s why:

  • My dear wife Terry, fresh on the heels of our 50th anniversary celebration last week, had hip replacement surgery earlier this week. Her caregivers were incredible!
  • Christopher English conducted the procedure with warmth, professionalism and osteopathic perfection. Nurses and other staff provided excellent post-operative care.
  • David’s Georgetown Hospital is one of the top 100 hospitals in the U.S. and now I know why. Folks who practice their vocational calling there do so with excellence. The same is true of many other health care professionals and hospitals around the world.
  • Our granddaughter is a student at Tarleton State University Nursing School in Stephenville, Texas. Kayla is passionate about what she’s learning and is studying like never before. She’ll be an awesome nurse!

Most likely you and your family have had experience with health care providers. I hope yours were as positive as ours. However, I’m aware that may not always be the case. Sometimes things happen beyond our circle of influence or control.

Like the rest of us, health care providers are not perfect. Neither are they always handsomely compensated. They serve in response to a very real vocational calling.

So here’s my suggestion. If you know or happen to see someone in the health care industry, take a moment to express your sincere appreciation for the time, effort and energy spent caring for people who in most cases are total strangers.

You may even want to add “God bless you for your ministry of love, care and concern.” I’m convinced that they’ll be appreciative and that you’ll appreciate their appreciation!