Diversity and Direction in America

President's Podium

Only someone living in a cave could plead ignorance about the diversity that exists in our country and the decision ahead about the direction in which we’ll be going. The Republican and Democratic conventions held last month made it quite clear that our two political parties hold significantly different opinions on many matters of importance and diametrically opposite positions on others.

Issues at hand include abortion, national security, terrorism in the world, racial tensions in America, the national debt, the Affordable Care Act, gun control, support for military veterans and Supreme Court appointments. You could add to that list. So could I.

Just over three months from now America will choose a new leader. Wouldn’t it be great if at least one nominee for president would actually approach all or even most of these matters the way many of us would like? While that’s not likely to happen, many voters have already decided which candidate would be the best leader for America’s future. Others are still pondering.

Many Americans are frustrated and disenchanted with the options. Quite a few believe more qualified candidates should have arisen. Be that as it may, the choice is before us.

It may help to remember, though not always easy to accept, that those in positions of governing authority “have been placed there by God.” (Rom. 13:1) Could that be true of an ungodly leader? How about even a despotic leader? Surprisingly, God has occasionally demonstrated that reality, as in the case of Old Testament pagan kings used by God for the benefit of his people.

Yet God acts through humans. Our next president will be elected by American voters through the 538 members of the Electoral College, not directly appointed or anointed by God. Exercise your constitutional right to vote. Not to vote for any candidate is to yield the election to those who do.

For now, join me in prayer that even though many Americans may not be thrilled about our choices for president, God will nevertheless use this election to accomplish his will for our lives.

Deo volente!


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