God’s Presence in Your Life

FloodOne of the most profound questions I frequently hear people asking goes something like this: “If there is a God, does he really know who I am and does he really care about my life?”

As a Christian person, husband, father, grandfather, pastor, theologian, ecclesiastical supervisor, former regional and national church body leader and current Concordia University presidential ambassador, my answer is this: Absolutely yes!

It may seem God is absent from our lives in times of personal difficulty or national disaster. But the Bible says God is always with us. He knows how many hairs we have on our head (Matt. 10:30). Nothing in all creation can separate us from his love, not even death (Rom. 8:35-39).

A few years ago LCMS Eastern District President Chris Wicher shared with me a story that some might dismiss as mere coincidence. I think it illustrates God’s presence and activity in our lives.

Chris and a few pastors and other men were driving around the flooded area of Pittston, Penn., looking for people who needed help in cleaning up their flooded homes. They came to a couple standing in front of their home, simply staring at the damage. The car stopped and one of the pastors asked if they needed help.

The people responded “No, not really. We don’t know where to begin and besides the house does not yet have electricity restored.”

The would-be helpers told who they were and that they were driving around to see if they could be of help. They told the couple, “We have a generator, pump, mops, buckets and Clorox.”

Quite moved by this generous offer, the homeowners accepted the help and in a few hours the cleanup was completed. But that’s not all. Not five minutes before the carload of generous helpers offered their assistance, the couple had prayed to the Lord for direction and help! I would submit that God answered their prayer by sending some very good-hearted men to their door.

The love of Jesus moves people to acts of kindness. Such kindness demonstrates, in this and in many other circumstances, the presence and care of God in the lives of his people.


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