Commencement Time Again

Graduation 1Almost exactly one year ago I wrote a Perspectives article titled Commencement Reflections. That article noted the high school graduation of our dear grandson, Kolby Keith. It’s that time of year again, today’s article observing the commencement of Kolby’s sister, Kayla Keith.

Our Kayla is a very special young lady! Naturally, I say that as a humbly proud grandfather. Like all grandfathers, I think my grandchildren are the smartest, prettiest and handsomest young people in the world. Terry wholeheartedly, emphatically and unreservedly agrees!

However, like most grandfathers and grandmothers, we discovered a long time ago that our grandchildren are not without original sin! I imagine some of you are still struggling with that question. To those who are, I respectfully suggest you get a grip on reality and just deal with it!

Seriously, Kayla has demonstrated a remarkable degree of maturity for a young lady a couple months shy of 18 years of age. Before a shoulder injury slowed her down, she was a very good high school fast pitch softball player. She alternated between first base and the pitcher’s mound, excelling at both positions.

This past year she divided her extracurricular time and attention between part time work at a local sporting goods store and umpiring for young girls’ softball games. She’s a hoot behind the plate!

Parents and coaches at her games have come to respect her fairness, accuracy and demeanor. They also know she can be pushed just so far before letting her critics know how thin the line is between disagreement with the ump’s decisions and being ejected from the game!

In the meantime, Kayla has also maintained excellent scholastic achievement. In a couple months she’ll be heading to Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas, leaving Mother Angie and Father Todd as empty nesters. It’s hard for them, and for us, to believe their little girl is now a young woman ready to leave home, eager to discover what the Lord has in store.

Many of you have already had the experience of seeing children leave home. Many others face it in the years ahead. We humans look to the future with a strange mixture of uncertainty and anxiety, comingled with a dose of hope and confidence. The former emotions emanate from care and concern for loved ones, with an occasional dash of questionable faith in God’s providence. The latter are the products of God’s grace and promise.

Dear Kayla, your Mom and Dad, your brother Kolby, your Mimi and Peeps commend you to our gracious God’s care and keeping. We’re very proud of you! We love you with all our hearts!

May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always!

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